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The new Cinepremium lab is located in Talatona, Condomínio Vila Sol, Angola.

Having taken into consideration the design specifications, maximum performance aesthetics, we know that building a cinema using our products is a recipe for an incredible experience.

Try the standard and performance that you know you should receive.

With state-of-the-art facilities in the City of Luanda, we are ready for clients to have their own experience when visiting our showroom. No other company in our sector in Luanda has a space like Cinepremium!

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Stealth Acoustics

We believe that good audio and video system design is achieved with a sleek minimalist aesthetic in combination with cutting-edge performance components to fully capture the beauty and essence of architectural style in your home or business.

Stealth Acoustics offers high-quality AV solutions made in the United States, invisible or hidden in a growing market. Now you do not have to sacrifice quality to have a discrete system that complements your space!

Stealth Patio Theater (SPT) is the absolute future of high-quality outdoor movie entertainment for homes, hotels, yachts, etc. The award-winning SPT uses a fully retractable, large format and ultra-bright 16: 9 format. resolution LED display with Stealth Acoustics outdoor speaker and amplifier technologies along with a weatherized cabinet.

The SPT is also a perfect solution for projecting outdoor sports without all the problems associated with projector systems.

The SPT will certainly please your viewers, especially in broad daylight.


Synergistic Excellence

We have the privilege of represent the cream of the culture.

Only truly capable products are part of our Home Cinema Insound signature collection.

These products are able to recreate the most demanding cinema environments.

The soundtracks, the most vibrant and vivid of images, and together with our decorating design and integration service, form the basis of our Signature Collection installation offerings.

On his famous 12th Night, Shakespeare wrote: "If music is the food of love, touch, give me excess."

He certainly was not wrong.

In addition to our love for all things that are poignant and immersive in Home Cinema, we can not think of much better ways to spend idle nights with your loved ones than to crawl an old Vinyl collection, remembering fabulous playlists and diving background in the memories, as can only be evoked by musical memory.

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